In 2010, we’ve started it. Combining the audacity and ideas of young creators with the experience and will of a Russian region of Vologda’s government, we’ve created and executed the concept of a festival that would unite European filmmakers with the Russian North’s atmosphere, nature and beauty. Thus VOICES, the unique platform for exchange and creation was introduced.

In 2011, we’ve repeated the success, inviting young talents to join the recognized masters like Paolo Taviani or Claudia Cardinale in the quest for the cinematographic excellence. The next German edition of the festival in 2012 had remembered by beautiful Muse Katja Riemann and international Jury with a famous russian director Alexander Proshkin at the head. In 2013, the number of international cinema masters in Vologda rose even more: Bella Tarr, Pablo Berger, Yos Stelling, Stefan Laudyn… For one week Vologda lived the VOICES experience: cinema screenings, master-classes, photo exhibitions, music concerts and open-air Picnics.

Now we at VOICES team are sure that in 2014, we’re going to run a familiar experience with several new concepts, and we invite you to join our adventure that this year will have British colours, thanks to our Focus UK.

The public that fills the cinema halls, the directors, producers and actors who share their experience with each other, the incredible and unique atmosphere of an ancient truly Russian town – we guarantee you the unforgettable emotion, the VOICES emotion.