The Winners of the 5th VOICES Film Festival

Grand Prix and Best Film - "Still Life", Uberto Pasolini
Audience Prize Award - "Life Feels Good", Maciej Pieprzyca
Best Actor - Eddie Marsan, "Still Life"
Best Cast - "Wolf" - Chemseddine Amar, Mark Catuogno, Steef Cuijpers, Slimane Dazi, Nasrdin Dchar, Jacob Derwig, Marwan Kenzari, Michael Knaap, Bo Maerten, Bjorn Niessen
Best Director of photography - Ksenia Sereda, "Skinless"
Best Family Film (Prize from Gorky Film Studio) - "To See the Sea", Jiri Madl

Svetlana Proskurina, The President of the Jury, has commented on choosing the winners: "We had a good time handing out the awards. For example, the award did not meet the best actress. Although, a prize was given to the actor's ensemble. There's no best director prize, but we awarded the best operator. As for the winner, the film "Still Life" was chosen unanimously. In this film director Uberto Pasolini allowed himself to be austere. And the dignity of his film is a dignity of the frame."

Kirill Razlogov, a jury member, summarized the results of VOICES Festival at a press conference before the official closing: "The VOICES programme pleased us with different genres. It is eclectic in the best sense, and it is a trend of European Festivals. From a pure Festival's cinema we go to the films that are closer the viewer. VOICES Festival has a certain fearlessness which is very attractive to me. But it's sad that the film "Yes and Yes" Valeria Gai Germanika was not shown."

Apart from the main competition of full-length European cinema, VOICES traditional contest of short films of Vologda "Briefly about VOICES" was held. The jury team was entered by Igor Voloshin, the director, Yana Troyanova, actress and Sophiko Kiknavelidze, producer. The winner of the competition was Tatyana Ryzhkova who shot the film about a Cinderella girl dreaming to be on the red carpet.

VOICES Festival was closed by premiere of "Poddubniy" presented by screenwriter Yuri Korotkov: "Lots of things happened during the making of the film. Starring actor Michael Porechenkov managed to tear his biceps and was immediately recovered. And the actress Katherine Shpitza managed to give a birth and breastfeed in between takes. All the scenes were shot without a stunt. "

Igor Lysenko, the director of VOICES Festival, promised to Vologoda citizens that while they love the Festival and go to movies; while there's a team that makes the Festival, and the government of Vologda, which supports it, VOICES will continue to live and to please the audience. 6th Festival of Young European cinema VOICES will be held in summer of 2015 and will be dedicated to Polish cinema.