09 Jul 2014
Grand Prix and the Main Prize Goes to the Film "Still Life" by Uberto Pasolini. Watch The Winning Film today at cinema "Salut' on 6.30 p.m. and 8.20 p.m.
07 Jul 2014
Готовы видеодневники Фестиваля за 6-ое июля! Приятного просмотра!
06 Jul 2014
Смотрите видеодневник главных событий Фестиваля.
06 Jul 2014
The 5th VOICES Film Festival was opened on July 4th in Vologda. During the first two days of the festival the audience managed to see about 30 movies, 4 competitive films, 2 photo exhibitions, 5 workshops, one 'red carpet' and one big concert at the Kremlin square.
05 Jul 2014
The Opening Ceremony took place on the 4th of July at "Lenkon" cinema. Check the footage here.
04 Jul 2014
Watch live broadcast of The Opening Ceremony today at 7 p.m. or better come along!
03 Jul 2014
Gleb Orlov, the director, Yuri Kolokolnikov, actor, and Yuri Korotkov, screenwriter, will present the historical film "Poddubniy" at the Closing Ceremony of the 5th VOICES Film Festival on 8th July at 19.00. "Poddubniy" is a film about the life of the great Russian athlete, whose name is known throughout the world.
02 Jul 2014
Igor Voloshin, Vsevolod Korshunov, Yuri Korotkov and Nick Powell will hold master-classes at VOICES Festival.
02 Jul 2014
On the 6th of July at 14.00, a round table discussion about the movie "Two Women" will be held in the cultural centre "Red Corner". Vera Glagoleva, Natalia Ivanova, David Kelly, Martin Blaney and other famous directors, producers and film critics will co-production and film adaptation of the movie.
30 Jun 2014
The release of the long-awaited album of Nike Borzov is one of the biggest rock events of the year. The album is a unified work of art that consists of a cohesive body of songs. You will travel to honest extremes: conflict and harmony, love which drives to madness, and the triumph of a catharsis achieved through internal chaos. The musical experience is filled with Russian symbolism and reaches a whole new level of sound, with a smile of sadness mixed with joy and tears.
30 Jun 2014
VOICES Festival has named the President of the Jury. Svetlana Proskurina is a Russian film director and screenwriter, best known for the films "The Accidental Waltz", "Armistice", "Remote Access", "Reflection in the mirror." Svetlana Proskurina will present her new film "Goodbye Mum" and the actors - Alexandra Rebenok and Alexey Vertkov will hold the opening ceremony.
30 Jun 2014
VOICES starts its screenings before the official opening on the 2nd and 3rd of July. Traditionally we'll show the films of non-competitive programme in the "Salut" cinema.
30 Jun 2014
The 5th edition of VOICES festival is dedicated to British cinema. The festival will be opened the 4th July at 19.00 by the film of the famous British director Ken Loach - Jimmy’s hall. Here is an interview with director.
27 Jun 2014
A free workshop of russian director Igor Voloshin ("Nirvana", "Ya", "Beduin") will be held on the 4th of July at 12.00 in the South-West Towel of Vologda Kremlin. He will give an advice about how to make a short film and also he will start a Short Film Competition "Briefly about VOICES". The Grand prix is a trip in London.
26 Jun 2014
A photographer and a supervisor of visual and special projects department of “Herald of Europe” (UK) magazines, Grigoriy Yaroshenko, will present his photo exhibition “Britain” during the VOICES festival, which will be held in South-Western tower of Vologda’s Kremlin on the 4th of June at 4pm.