Strangers Julio and Julia wake up beside one another in Julia’s apartment, groggy, hun¬gover and unsure how they met. Julia is about to send Julio on his way when both notice the uncanny silence gripping Julia’s downtown neighbourhood. Looking out the window, they see Madrid’s skyline dot-ted with enormous spaceships. The only other person left in the building is Julia’s fawning and somewhat creepy neighbour, Ángel, who explains that there’s been an exodus of people flee¬ing the city. When Julia’s boyfriend Tipo shows up — having now shifted into survivalist mode — the dynam¬ics between the four reach heady extremes. Attempting to hide their apparent one-night stand, Julia and Julio convince Tipo that Ángel is an alien and must be ejected.

Spain; 2011 en: год.; 90 min

en: Режиссер
Nacho Vigalondo

en: Жанр
Fantasy/ Drama/ Comedy

en: Сценарий
Nacho Vigalondo

en: В ролях
Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner, Raul Cimas, Carlos Areces, Miguel Noguera