A father and his son spend a whole day in the wood. They fish, talk, check the status of their relation. The adult perceives in the answers of his son an autonomy of thought and a lucidity of analysis that surprise and sadden him. The kid has reacted to the separation of his parents getting closer to the mother, with whom he lives. But inside of him, he harbours the sorrow of the father’s absence. Maybe the tears will succeed in diluting the painful remembrances and sealing this important moment of reunion, the implicit attempt of shortening the distance, making up the misunderstandings, regaining the lost time. And also the effort of filling the void of the prolonged silences, concerning a father already worried, like his worker colleagues, for the economic crisis and the precarious work conditions that make it difficult to build a future for their sons, also on a material level.

Slovenia, Croatia; 2010 en: год.; 72 min

en: Режиссер
Vlado Škafar

en: Жанр

en: Сценарий
Vlado Škafar

en: Оператор
Marko Brdar

en: Художник
Zoran Grabarac, Frenk Grdin, Tanja Vukovic

en: В ролях
Miki Roš, Sandi Šalamon