The Conductor


Repentance, atonement of sins, mercy and absolution are the topics that are again in the focus of attention of Russian film director Pavel Lungin. His film The Conductor, which will be shown at cinemas from the 29th of March, has premiered in Moscow. Film critics call his new film a parable, a musical drama and even an audio-visual symphony.

“This is a special place where one can find something important and change oneself, - the director says. – One can probably go mad or, on the contrary, resist the blows of fate. In this respect, I believe that everyone should go through Jerusalem. If you want to find something good and real you will find it there.”

Russia; 2012 en: год.; 86 min

en: Режиссер
Paul Lungin

en: Жанр

en: В ролях
Vladas Bagdonas, Inga Oboldina, Darya Moroz