Short Film Competition

This year VOICES Festival is going to turn 5 years old. We will have a jubilee! We thought that for this special occasion we want congratulation wishes. But not simple though, by making a short film. So, this is how organizers changed a traditional competition “Faces Of Vologda” into a short film competition “Briefly About VOICES”.

What has changed in the regulations?

The most important thing is that you don’t have to film anything beforehand. Everyone, who wants to participate should register no later than the 1st of July by sending their request with their name and last name to . And then you can think of your idea of how to do it and get your camera or smart phone ready. As simple as that!

You can start filming from the 4th of July when the festival begins and your finished works will be due the last day of the festival – at noon, on the 7th of July. On the first day of filming we will organize a special master class, where a famous cinema director and a scriptwriter of independent cinema – Igor Voloshin will bless filming crews and guide on the right path. To be serious, he will give some useful advices and warn about popular mistakes of film operators and directors who are beginners.

What to film about?

The competition has the main topic “Briefly About VOICES”, which explains itself. But in order to make the task more simple, we decided to make subtopics, which are more various and they are:

* Metamorphosis. So, 5 years have passed. How the city of Vologda has changed with VOICES? How it was before and how it has become after VOICES appeared? Or maybe VOICES has changed your own life? How was it? A film that you saw, a master class that you went to or a guest that you took care of while being a VOICES volunteer, – what has influenced you?

* Happy Birthday, VOICES! Your wishes can be different. There can be different people speaking or just one person. The president. Your grandmother. Audrey Tautou. Or you can express your feelings even without words. There are no boundaries to your imagination, right?

* Love and VOICES. How can a film be made without a romantic story in it? We all know a lot about many love stories with continuation that happened thanks to VOICES. Do you have something romantic to share?

* VOICES is more than just a cinema festival. VOICES is not just about cinema. It’s also about concerts, master classes, exhibitions, meetings with foreign guests, excursions, ice cream, and maybe something else? Everyone has their special memory about VOICES.

* People of VOICES. VOICES is people. There are many of us – volunteers, guests of the city, actors, film directors, partners, film studio people, journalists…You can choose anyone and tell us about their story. Isn’t it a good idea?

Who will win?

The selection of the film-finalists will be held by the jury board along with Igor Voloshin. On the 8th of July there will be a review session of films-finalists in the South-Western Tower of Vologda’s Kremlin. The demonstration of the film-winner will be held during the Closing Ceremony of VOICES Festival.

What is the prize?

This year VOICES Festival is devoted to British cinema, so the winner will go to London! The prize will be sponsored by a travel agency “Piligrim”, which we say our big thank you to.

The past winners of the “Faces of Vologda” competition are:
VOICES 2010 -  Anna Tihomirova - “Ustie na velike”


VOICES 2011- Vadim Shekun, Alexei Kourbatov, Alexendre Pavlov & Nikita Voskoboinikov

VOICES 2012 - Alexei Tihomirov & Igor Pantin - “Proskurino” 

VOICES 2013 Roman Ukin - “Love will come..”