The Master Classes of known and honored masters of cinema to be held during the VOICES Festival.

13 June 2013

July 6th, 10.30 a.m. - "The Hunt for the Reality" - a master class by Marina Razbezhkina, the head of the school of documentary films and documentary theatre. 2.00 p.m. - The meeting of Jos Stelling with the guests of the Festival.

"The Hunt for the Reality" - the name of the master class by Marina Razbezhkina. This is the learning task, which Marina Razbezhkina puts for their pupils and students of the School of documentary films and documentary theatre. She is ready to deliver this task to the interested residents of Vologda and guests of the Festival on July 6 in Southwest Tower of the Vologda Kremlin.

The master class on documentary filmmaking:

- how to be inside the life, to exist within it and wanting to broadcast it;

- how to see the tiniest details and their infinite variety;

- how to achieve "the effect of invisibility" and feel yourself as a part of the space while shooting;

- why assessment and authorities are not permitted at work on a documentary film, and much more.

Marina Razbezhkina:

"When there is only one person with a small camera, the reality is behaving great. And then, when you watch a film, you completely forget about the man who shot it."

"We do not focus on the authorities, it is very obstructed. You can not try to shoot as Fellini, it is imperative to try to understand something through yourself. The authority of any great director makes a confuse taking the first steps. We must understand that you can you tell us about this world on your own, without the great mediators."

July 9th, 2.00 p.m. - Master class of Tatiana Trubnikova, CEO of producer center "Firebird."

This workshop will be interested to actors who are already working in the theatre and cinema, as well to those who make their first steps in this direction, or even just dreaming about the scene.

During the event you will know more about:

- The rules of going through castings;

- the requirement for resume and portfolio;

- what is a showreel, and why it is especially necessary to actors who work outside Moscow.

All the guests of VOICES Festival and the actors of Vologda and Cherepovets' theatres are invited to participate in the workshop.

The producer center "Firebird" is one of the largest talent agencies in Russia. Today the agency represents over 700 actors of all ages and roles. Tatiana Trubnikova represents a well-known masters and rising stars of the television and movie screens.

Actors of "The Firebird" agency: Larissa Chursina, Valentine Talyzina, Elena Kondulaynen, Rosa Khairullina, Vera Babicheva, Natalia Shchukin, Olga Naumenko, Leonid Telezhinsky, Alexander Tyutin, Vladimir Vishnevsky, Alexander Kuznetsov, Catherine Gordon, Nikolai Valuev, Marina Shtoda, Yuri Askarov, Tatiana Rybinets Anfisa Vistesgauzen, Veronica Lysakova, Aglaia Shilovskaya and others.

Actors Agency "Firebird" takes an active part in the Festival life of Moscow. In June, there were the last qualifying rounds of the festival of modern drama "YES" where almost all the sketches were featuring actors of the agency.

Producer center "Firebird" together with the "Literary newspaper" are preparing series of articles about the place of the modern performances on the stage of Russian theatres. The basis of the publications is the discussion of the causes of the weak interest to contemporary Russian authors.

Read more about the "The Firebird" centre's activities on the website