Love and war are two main themes of the third VOICES Festival

18 June 2012

For the second time there is a central theme connecting many of the films of the VOICES Festival. Last year the central theme was the relationship between parents and children. This year we have the complementary themes of Love and War.

“We were seriously considering what topic would be most interesting to a wide range of viewers,” offered Program Director Igor Guskov. “We came to a joint decision ‘Love is universal’. Organizers have collected the best films about love in a special program – Love Rules the World.” The search for love and happiness as an opportunity to escape the harsh realities of life, are subjects to which everyone may relate.

The complimentary theme of War emerged spontaneously. “It turned out that many of the films that are worth watching, and fully satisfying the needs of the Festival, are about war. These films differ greatly from earlier films on the subject because of a new vision of war and revision of certain historical events.” conveyed Igor Guskov, the Program Director of the third VOICES Festival.