The Muse of the VOICES Festival

31 May 2012

German actress and singer Katja Riemann will beautify the VOICES-2012 Festival. Started her career as a student, Katja Riemann is now known for more than fifty films. One of the last works of the actress - a role in russian-german co-production "As luck Siberia", where Riemann played the wife of the protagonist. Other cinematographic works of Riemann - "Turkish for Beginners" (2012), "Tarzan" (2011), "Theory of Relativity of Love" (2011). Now Riemann is busy in the shooting of the drama - "Weekend" by Nina Gross. In addition to film and theater work, she is known as music composer and singer, recorded a few pop and jazz albums, as well as several film soundtracks. Thus, Katja Riemann not only played a main role in "Bandidas", film by Katja von Garnier, but also acted as the author of songs, sounded in the film. They had a huge success and became the gold release. At the Festival will be shown the film "Rosenstrasse", where Katja Riemann has played a main role.