Germany is the main guest of the third VOICES Festival

1 June 2012

Each year VOICES Festival meets one of the European countries and talks about her film-makers, showing in the towns of Vologda and Cherepovets selected films. This year third VOICES Festival organizer`s will present to the guests, journalists and film fans the German cinema. "The Russian audience is not very familiar with the films from Germany, meanwhile, in Europe it is now a German film industry won great popularity. A new generation of filmmakers from Germany are increasingly attracting attention of critics and movie lovers all over the world. That's why we're going to show films of directors like Fatih Akin, Christoph Hohhoysler, Christian Petzold, who shot the film "Barbara", which was awarded "Silver Bear" at the last Berlin Film Festival and many others. Impressions of German bands will be supported by the Goethe Cultural Centre in Russia and the association «German films». A young talented Russian actress Isolde Dyushauk will come at the Festival VOICESю She brilliantly played Margaret in the film by Alexander Sokurov's "Faust". Dyushauk, despite her young age, has already starred in more than 10 popular German projects, television shows and full-length feature films that brought her love of the audience. This year, Isolde Dyushauk will open the third festival of young European films VOICES. It has already become a tradition to pass in the days of the Festival round-table discussions with participation of foreign producers. And we certainly want to continue it at the third Festival. At the round table will meet each other German and Russian producers, and the theme is "Reflection of the history of the XX century in modern German and Russian cinema and the prospects of German-Russian film industry." A well-known English journalist from «SCREEN INTERNATIONAL» magazin Martin Blane will lead it. Six prospective German producers will come to Vologda to meet their Russian counterparts, some of the roundtable participants will present their joint projects on which work has already begun. The festival will show two films - the result of co-production of Germany and Russia: "In the Fog" by Sergei Loznitsa and "Four days in May," directed by Achim von Borrisa with Alexei Guskov ", - told the art director of the VOICES Festival Korinna Danielou.