The VOICES Festival was performed in Cannes

28 May 2012

The presentation of the Vologda Independent Cinema from European Screens Festival has gone off successfully on the 65th annual Cannes Film Festival. The organizers VOICES director Igor Lysenko,programm director Igor Guskov and art-director Korinna Danielou told about the program of the Festival this year.

Igor Lysenko, director of the VOICES Festival

"Before the conference had started, it was raining constantly. And no one knew if the conference would be performed or not..", - said organizers.

But the 22nd of May turned out to be a sunny day and the conference wouldn't have to be canceled. Journalists, producers, film-directors visited a picturesque terrace opposite to "Palais des Festivals et des Congrès", where the VOICES Festival was performed.

It was the first time when so many people have visited the VOICES presentation. Joel Chapron (UniFrance), Klaudia Bedoni (Filmitalia), Grazia Volpi, the producer of the Paolo Taviani's film. Russian producers and distributors - Roman Borisevich, Mary Nasari, Natalia Ivanova, Anna Kachko, Kira Saksaganskaya, Sem Klebanov. The guests came to VOICES cocktail to the REZO-terrace.

The third VOICES Festival is dedicated to the german cinema. That's why the Muse of the Festival probably can be Katja Riemann, actress played roles in "Rosenstrasse" and "Mein Führer". The program promises to be full of german films: the trilogy "Dreileben" will be shown within the festival, also guests will have an opportunity to watch some cultic movies directed by well-known Wim Wenders and Volker Schlondorff in the open air near The Kremlin of Vologda-city. It`s one of the finest traditions of the VOICES Festival to organize such demonstrations year by.

There's one another tradition the Festival direction endeavours to support - to invite the directors of other international cinema festivals as a juries. VOICES directors also told about that during the cocktail in Cannes.

Organizers of the VOICES Festival told, Sergei Loznitsa would visit The VOICES Festival for the third time. Besides, Loznitsa was awarded the FIPRESCI prize for his new film "In a fog", participating in the Cannes Festival.

The information about the other films that are going to be shown, and the guests will be availiable will be presented later.

Korinna Danielou, the art-director of the VOICES Festival with the program director Igor Guskov

After the introduction Anna Zaitceva, the opera singer, appeared at the VOICES conference and performed her songs. Probably, she will sing at the VOICES Festival in Vologda.

Andrew Halpahchi, a director of international "Youth" Festiaval in Kiev

"Severstal" is the general partner of VOICES Festival.