VOICES Festival is now being prepaired for demonstration in Cherepovets

23 April 2012

This year the festival of the young European cinema VOICES will take place in Vologda from July 6 through July 10 and will be devoted to Germany and German cinema. The films from this country and other European countries will be shown in Vologda and in Cherepovets within the Festival. Igor Guskov, the program director of VOICES, told about the preliminary program for the citizens of Cherepovets.

The first films will be shown on the 6th of April, on the opening day in Vologda. We plan to show two films on each day, also including german films from the "Das Rheingold" program. On saturday and sunday the festival is planning to show the additional third film for young citizens of Cherepovets.

One of those films will be «La clé des champs» by well-known Claude Nuridsany and Mari Pereny. Also the new film "Die Unsichtbare", making Stine Fischer Christensen famous actress all over the world, will be shown.

Besides, the citizens of Cherepovets will see the films from "The nothern light" program, which includes the films from 5 European countries: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland.

On the 10th of April, closing day of the festival, the competitive films will be performed and at 10 p.m. the citizens of Cherepovets will know the name of the winning film.

With the support of "Severstal" Inc.