10 March 2011

Rules for accreditation of the media representatives

VOICES Festival is open to people. We love journalists and respect their work. And we do our best to provide the most comfortable conditions for our Festival coverage.
At the same time we hope that the media representatives will be ready to comply with certain terms of cooperation with us that we have developed for your convenience.

More detailed information on the Festival activities can be found on the Festival website and bills, or in your press-package.

We ask you to take into consideration the fact that if you are not a journalist, a cameraman, a photographer or editor you cannot get accredited. In this case, you can purchase the tickets just before the movie in the cinema or open-air screening area.

Accreditation for the television staff is not more than 3 persons from one media department. For print and online media staff is not more than 1 person (in exceptional cases, news agencies can get accreditation for the photographer).

We will personally present you your own press-package with all necessary information materials and accreditation card.

For this reason we ask you to complete in advance and to send the application for accreditation before 10th June 2011 by email

Application for accreditation

If you complete and send the application form for accreditation in time, and we still have the opportunity to invite you — you will receive a letter from us no later than June 20, 2011 with confirmation of your accreditation.

Directorate of the Festival reminds that an application sent in time is not a guarantee of providing you with accreditation to the Festival. Press-office has the right to deny accreditation without explanation. But we do guarantee you our attention and participation in consideration of every personal issue.

During the Festival the accreditation card gives the opportunity to attend all official events:
— all film screenings, press-conferences, seminars, round-tables, master-classes, сultural program (with the exception of the events when tickets are distributed by the organizers)

To special attention of the photographers and television crews: photo and video shooting is freely allowed at all Festival venues and events with the exception of cinemas during the showing of films.

Personalized press-packages and accreditation cards will be handed out from 5th July at the Festival press-centre in Vologda. You should have an identification document with you so that you can get your own accreditation card and will be able to watch all movies announced in the Festival program and to attend special events organized for journalists.

In any copyrighted material on the Festival the exact official titles and names of participants listed in press-documents should be used.

We look forward to your support and we will be grateful to you if you pass the copies of published or TV and radio broadcasted materials to the Festival press-office. We appreciate and collect your work!

Thank you for your patience in reading these simple recommendations and we hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and your work will be comfortable and pleasant.