Behind the Scenes

We’ll reveal all the backstage secrets from the VOICES Festival, including unofficial news and photos. If you’re curious, this is the page for you! Let’s go. 


On the 18th of May we've presented the 5th edition of VOICES in Cannes. It was great - we had a support from different directors, actors, producers and friends. Special thanks to the president of Jury of our 1st VOICES edition - Sergei Bodrov and our italian muse Anita Kravos! The fruits of this meeting will be the films and special guests that you'll see in July.


Maksim Gorbov, Development Director of the VOICES Festival: “Day by day, the VOICES Picnic project become more clear. For the moment, only on paper and in the cafe, but we already have a complete impression of it. Mihail Priemyshev, one of the architects of the space, is eating, chatting but in his mind he already has a drawn plan of the new project”.

Do you remember how it was last year: wooden stands with books, hand-drawn VOICES logo, orange rugs, a very delicious ice cream… We want to watch the videos and see the photos again and again. Here’s our favourite video. The artist is Mihail Priemyshev, one of the Picnic’s architects from "ABO!" group.

пикник VOICES from группа АВО! on Vimeo.