About Vologda

Vologda... Most of us know about this city from the famous song by “Pisnyary” pop group. But those who have had a chance to visit this Russian province would return to this place again and again without hesitation.
Thought being located outside the Russian Golden Ring, this city is worth a look. It is one of the most picturesque places in the country. A great number of churches with gold domes bring us back to the time of the Great Russia.

In addition to Orthodox Churches one can find real historical treasures in the centre of the city. There are a lot of houses with fretted palisades there. Their porticos and pillars are reflected gently in the slow river just beside them. Long streets of age-old authentic Russian houses seem to compete with each other in their beauty of refined fretwork. It is an ideal scenery for historical or nostalgic films, isn’t it?
Vologda was founded at the same time as Moscow in 1147. During his reign Russian tsar Ivan IV the Terrible intended to relocate the capital of the state to Vologda because he felt himself more comfortable there. He often came to this place with his suite. In 1568 the tsar started building Saint Sofia Cathedral there. He stayed in Vologda for about three years. But once, while the monarch was inspecting the construction area, a piece of plaster decoration fell down on his head. He considered it a bad sign. He left this place and never came back. So as it often happens, the fate of the capital city was changed by chance.

Vologda... --- Where?

Vologda region is famous for its historical and cultural values. Belozersk, Veliky Ustiug, Totma are real open air museums and are on UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list.

Vologda is proud of its glorious past and is fully confident in its future. At present Vologda is the cultural centre of the Russian North. It provides a lot of opportunities for young talents. Its modern infrastructure enables the development of tourism. Its large-scale industry products are well-known not only in Russia but also far abroad. And now Vologda wants to take a notable place in cinematographic world with its Festival VOICES (Vologda Independent Cinema from European Screens).